Witness: Tanks Appear, Shoot In SE Ukraine

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Witness: Tanks Appear, Shoot In SE Ukraine

Witness: Tanks Appear, Shoot In SE Ukraine
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Witness: Tanks Appear, Shoot In SE Ukraine

by Wochit 1:02 mins

Witness: Tanks Appear, Shoot In SE Ukraine

by Wochit 1:02 mins

On Monday, a resident of Novoazovsk in south-eastern Ukraine said she saw a column of armored vehicles approach the town and start shooting. The woman, who gave her name only as Lyudmila, told Reuters by telephone that "It all started at 8:00 this morning, tanks appeared, no fewer than seven of them. Right now I can hear rumbling, explosions--the residents are hiding." In Kiev later that morning, Ukrainian officials said the column was an incursion by Russian troops, which it alleges are fighting alongside pro-Moscow separatists. Russia quickly dismissed the claim as disinformation. On Tuesday, in a continuation of the pattern, Kiev said it had captured a group of Russian soldiers who had entered Ukraine on a "special mission"--while Moscow said they were there by mistake.


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