Verdict: Scotty McCreery Owes Ex-manager $239K

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Verdict: Scotty McCreery Owes Ex-manager $239K

Verdict: Scotty McCreery Owes Ex-manager $239K
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Verdict: Scotty McCreery Owes Ex-manager $239K

by Wochit 0:53 mins

Verdict: Scotty McCreery Owes Ex-manager $239K

by Wochit 0:53 mins

Country music star and former American Idol winner Scotty McCreery owes his former manager $239,329 following a jury verdict on Wednesday in the legal dispute between the two parties. Music industry veteran Todd Cassetty sued McCreery last year for back pay that accrued over five months. According to the lawsuit, McCreery's mother, Judy McCreery, who was named as a defendant in the case, controls most of his affairs and makes most of his business decisions. After initially being managed by 19 Entertainment following his American Idol win in 2011, McCreery parted ways with the company and hired Cassetty as his manager in 2012.


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