Tavecchio Elected As Italian FA President

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Tavecchio Elected As Italian FA President

Tavecchio Elected As Italian FA President
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Tavecchio Elected As Italian FA President

by Wochit 0:37 mins

Tavecchio Elected As Italian FA President

by Wochit 0:37 mins

Despite allegations of racism marring his electoral campaign, Carlo Tavecchio was elected the new president of the Italian football federation on Monday. Tavecchio beat Demetrio Albertini in the race to replace Giancarlo Abete, with the 71-year-old earning 63.63 percent of the votes in the third round of balloting. Albertini received 33.95 percent of the votes cast by the 274 delegates present. Tavecchio said, "I will be the president of everyone, especially those who didn't vote for me."


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