Mosul Falls, Indie Oil Should Rise

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Mosul Falls, Indie Oil Should Rise

Mosul Falls, Indie Oil Should Rise
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Mosul Falls, Indie Oil Should Rise

by Wochit 0:41 mins

Mosul Falls, Indie Oil Should Rise

by Wochit 0:41 mins

The fall of the city of Mosul to elements of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria could be the beginning of the end for Prime Minister al-Malikis regime, as his inability to provide basic services, including security, is alienating the public and, presumably, officials in his own party. One possibility is that Maliki will have to reach out to the Kurds for military support, given that their militias are well equipped and motivated. This could be very useful to the many companies that have found oil in Kurdistan, but haven’t been able to fully exploit their finds.


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