'Miracle At Sea':25 Survive Marine Copter Crash

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'Miracle At Sea':25 Survive Marine Copter Crash

'Miracle At Sea':25 Survive Marine Copter Crash
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'Miracle At Sea':25 Survive Marine Copter Crash

by Wochit 0:50 mins

'Miracle At Sea':25 Survive Marine Copter Crash

by Wochit 0:50 mins

The Facebook page of the USS Mesa Verde was filled with dozens of well-wishes and thanks to God on Tuesday, a day after 25 Marines and U.S. Navy sailors survived the crash of a Marine Corps CH-53E helicopter as it tried to land on the amphibious transport dock in the open sea. Seventeen Marines and eight Navy sailors were aboard the 16-ton Super Stallion copter, which was part of the 22nd Marine Expeditionary Unit. It it fell into the Gulf of Aden as it was taking troops back to the Mesa Verde after a training exercise in Djibouti on the Horn of Africa. The Navy said that the crash was not related to any hostile activity.



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