Military Researchers Design Real-life 'Transformer' Plane

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Military Researchers Design Real-life 'Transformer' Plane

Military Researchers Design Real-life 'Transformer' Plane
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Military Researchers Design Real-life 'Transformer' Plane

by Wochit 0:47 mins

Military Researchers Design Real-life 'Transformer' Plane

by Wochit 0:47 mins

UK aerospace and defense contractor BAE Systems have taken the wraps off several concepts it envisions as possible tools for the military in the decades to come and if these designs are any guide, future battlefields are going to look like the set of a science fiction movie. The most interesting of the concepts is called the Transformer, a stealth aircraft that's actually composed of three airplanes, a large, diamond-shaped model, and two smaller flanking planes. The Transformer is theoretically capable of longer flights that conserve fuel by reducing overall aerodynamic drag.


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