Microsoft, Samsung, And Expensive Free Software

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Microsoft, Samsung, And Expensive Free Software

Microsoft, Samsung, And Expensive Free Software
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Microsoft, Samsung, And Expensive Free Software

by Wochit 0:46 mins

Microsoft, Samsung, And Expensive Free Software

by Wochit 0:46 mins

In a world where Windows is cheaper than free software, things get weird. Microsoft and Samsung are currently locked in a public pissing match over royalties. Samsung previously agreed to pay Microsoft for use of the software company’s intellectual property relating to the South Korean firm’s sale of Android-based devices. According to Microsoft, Samsung decided that it didn’t have to follow the contract it signed in 2011 after Microsoft announced its intention to buy Nokia’s hardware assets. It vigorously pushes back against the idea in its suit, going on to claim that Samsung is “attempting to convert a commercial contract dispute governed by U.S. law into a Korean regulatory issue.”


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