LeBron James Posts Behind-the-Scenes 'Trainwreck' Photo

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LeBron James Posts Behind-the-Scenes 'Trainwreck' Photo

LeBron James Posts Behind-the-Scenes 'Trainwreck' Photo
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LeBron James Posts Behind-the-Scenes 'Trainwreck' Photo

by Wochit 0:37 mins

LeBron James Posts Behind-the-Scenes 'Trainwreck' Photo

by Wochit 0:37 mins

Now that LeBron James has decided which team he’ll play for next season and which number he’ll wear, the NBA star took care of some show business on Monday, filming a scene for Judd Apatow and Amy Schumer ’s upcoming movie Trainwreck , shooting in New York. While paparazzi photos and video just showed James walking to the set, James posted a behind-the-scenes shot to Facebook that gave fans a closer look at the action. On the monitors in the photo, James can be seen filming a scene with co-star Bill Hader in a restaurant.


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