Kate Hudson's Ridiculously Flashy Jumpsuit

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Kate Hudson's Ridiculously Flashy Jumpsuit

Kate Hudson's Ridiculously Flashy Jumpsuit
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Kate Hudson's Ridiculously Flashy Jumpsuit

by Wochit 0:52 mins

Kate Hudson's Ridiculously Flashy Jumpsuit

by Wochit 0:52 mins

Somewhere Liza Minnelli is salivating. That comment alone suggests that this bedazzled one-piece isn't exactly what we expect to see on Kate Hudson. The boho-loving blonde is known for her sexy minis and edgy gowns, not her Dynasty-style jumpsuits. Is the Clear History star entering the golden years of her fashion life or are black tie granny looks the new hot-young-thing wear? There is much about this Armani Privé look to totally adore. The pale purple color is absolutely gorgeous against this California native's lightly bronzed skin. Horizontal striped sparkles are about the smartest thing a woman can wear to lengthen every line on her body, and we're even slightly enamored by the Carrie Bradshaw-style flower pin.



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