Jihadist 'manhunt' On Front Pages

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Jihadist 'manhunt' On Front Pages

Jihadist 'manhunt' On Front Pages
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Jihadist 'manhunt' On Front Pages

by Wochit 1:19 mins

Jihadist 'manhunt' On Front Pages

by Wochit 1:19 mins

As the press digests the killing by jihadists of journalist James Foley in Syria, most papers focus on the fact the man wielding the knife is thought to be British. The is among those describing the "manhunt" under way, with the Metro reporting that "mainstream" British Muslims are supporting the work of intelligence agencies to track him down. However, Dr Taj Hargey complains in the Daily Mirror that UK Muslim organisations have not done enough to condemn the "barbarity" of the act. He writes, "British Muslims must say loudly and clearly that these militant Sunni fundamentalists are not acting in accordance with the Holy Koran."


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