ISIS 'Waterboarded' James Foley: Sources

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ISIS 'Waterboarded' James Foley: Sources

ISIS 'Waterboarded' James Foley: Sources
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ISIS 'Waterboarded' James Foley: Sources

by Wochit 0:56 mins

ISIS 'Waterboarded' James Foley: Sources

by Wochit 0:56 mins

Sources have told NBC News that photojournalist James Foley was repeatedly tortured by his ISIS captors, who even waterboarded him before he was beheaded. As the Washington Post first reported, the Islamic extremists appeared to be deliberately imitating the controversial U.S. "enhanced interrogation technique," which simulates drowning. Waterboarding, which was authorized by President Bush's administration, was banned by President Obama, who denounced it as torture. Sources familiar with the debriefing of ex-hostages added that the militants treated the American prisoners more harshly than Europeans they were holding.


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