Howling Winds Push Massive Washington Fire

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Howling Winds Push Massive Washington Fire

Howling Winds Push Massive Washington Fire
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Howling Winds Push Massive Washington Fire

by Wochit 0:51 mins

Howling Winds Push Massive Washington Fire

by Wochit 0:51 mins

Howling winds pushed a massive wildfire in north-central Washington in new directions Saturday. Officials said there are no reports of injuries and only one more home was destroyed overnight by the lightning-caused wildfire. The wildfire that has blackened more than 260 square miles in the scenic Methow Valley northeast of Seattle has calmed down near Pateros, where it destroyed about 100 homes Thursday and Friday. Residents strolled through the smoldering rubble of their neighborhoods on Friday evening, some wearing surgical masks to protect their lungs from the smoke and ash lingering in the air of the riverside community they call "Paterodise."


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