In Hollywood, Melissa McCarthy Is Steering

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In Hollywood, Melissa McCarthy Is Steering

In Hollywood, Melissa McCarthy Is Steering
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In Hollywood, Melissa McCarthy Is Steering

by Wochit 0:35 mins

In Hollywood, Melissa McCarthy Is Steering

by Wochit 0:35 mins

It's been 23 years since Thelma took off with Louise, but on Wednesday, Susan Sarandon getting a heck of a new co-pilot. This time, all eyes are on Melissa McCarthy, who has co-written Tammy , a female-driven, buddy-road-trip-coming-of-later-life-age comedy, with her husband Ben Falcone. McCarthy's now-trademark hijinks are likely why Sarandon allowed herself to be aged up in a gray wig and cankles as McCarthy's grandmother.


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