Google Fits Glass To Five Non-profits

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Google Fits Glass To Five Non-profits

Google Fits Glass To Five Non-profits
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Google Fits Glass To Five Non-profits

by Wochit 0:43 mins

Google Fits Glass To Five Non-profits

by Wochit 0:43 mins, the search engine's non-profit arm, announced Wednesday that it has selected five organizations to each receive a $25,000 grant and one pair of its wearable computer, Glass. For the tech giant, the gifts represent a drop in its vast fiscal ocean. But for the recipients, it has the potential to revolutionize their work. Steve Messler, who as a bobsledder competed in three standard Olympic Games and in 2009 founded the Jacksonville, Fla.-based Paralympic Mentor program, Classroom Champions, says, "You know how we all say, 'Try and see things through other people's eyes?' It's tough to do, but with Glass you literally can."



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