Fighter Jet Crashes In Virginia

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Fighter Jet Crashes In Virginia

Fighter Jet Crashes In Virginia
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Fighter Jet Crashes In Virginia

by Wochit 0:50 mins

Fighter Jet Crashes In Virginia

by Wochit 0:50 mins

A Massachusetts Air National Guard F-15C fighter crashed and burned Wednesday morning in Virginia's Shenandoah Valley, shortly after the pilot reported an emergency. Information on this incident is developing rapidly and we are not going to speculate on what occurred or the status of the pilot, said James Keefe, 104th Fighter Wing Commander. "We are hopeful that the pilot is OK, and the pilot will be in our thoughts and prayers as the events of this incident unfold." The plane was en route from Massachusetts to New Orleans for a system upgrade when it went down with a bang that was heard for miles in Deerfield, Va. Garrett Beck, who works on a farm a mile from the crash site, said he heard two booms and ran outside to see if a tire on a truck had blown.


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