Facebook Releases Diversity Numbers

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Facebook Releases Diversity Numbers

Facebook Releases Diversity Numbers
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Facebook Releases Diversity Numbers

by Wochit 0:52 mins

Facebook Releases Diversity Numbers

by Wochit 0:52 mins

According to numbers it released to the public Wednesday, the percentage of ethnic minorities and women at Facebook Inc. is in line with other big players in tech. But Maxine Williams, the company’s global head of diversity, says that not good enough. She said in a statement, “As these numbers show, we have more work to do–a lot more." According the data, Facebook’s global staff is comprised of 31% women and women serve in only 15% of the company’s tech jobs. The company only gave ethnicity figures for U.S. workers; just 7% of its workforce is black or Hispanic, while 57% of employees are white and 34% are Asian. In a statement, Facebook said it is working on ways to solve its diversity problem, including launching a strategic diversity team last year to increase hiring of underrepresented groups and that it’s seeing improved numbers.


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