F1 Boss Ecclestone Offers Court Deal

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F1 Boss Ecclestone Offers Court Deal

F1 Boss Ecclestone Offers Court Deal
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F1 Boss Ecclestone Offers Court Deal

by Wochit 0:41 mins

F1 Boss Ecclestone Offers Court Deal

by Wochit 0:41 mins

German prosecutors say they would accept an offer of $100m from Formula 1 chief Bernie Ecclestone to end his trial on bribery charges. He is accused of paying a German banker 33m euros to ensure that a company he favoured could buy a stake in F1. Mr Ecclestone will be in court for the decision. A banker for Bayern LB, Gerhard Gribkowsky, was allegedly paid by Mr Ecclestone to ensure the F1 stake was bought by a company that he favoured, so that he would remain in charge of the sport.


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