Defiant Gov. Perry Rejects 'outrageous' Indictment

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Defiant Gov. Perry Rejects 'outrageous' Indictment

Defiant Gov. Perry Rejects 'outrageous' Indictment
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Defiant Gov. Perry Rejects 'outrageous' Indictment

by Wochit 1:00 mins

Defiant Gov. Perry Rejects 'outrageous' Indictment

by Wochit 1:00 mins

Texas Gov. Rick Perry is lashing out at the "outrageous" criminal charges filed against him and defending the veto that led a grand jury to indict him on two felony counts of abuse of power. Perry, a potential candidate for the Republican presidential nomination in 2016, appeared defiant Saturday when he met with reporters outside his Capitol office in Austin, Texas. Already the longest-serving governor in state history — in office since December 2000 — he made it clear that he plans to complete his final term in January as planned.



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