'Bourne' Producer: No Matt Damon In Next Film

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'Bourne' Producer: No Matt Damon In Next Film

'Bourne' Producer: No Matt Damon In Next Film
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'Bourne' Producer: No Matt Damon In Next Film

by Wochit 0:35 mins

'Bourne' Producer: No Matt Damon In Next Film

by Wochit 0:35 mins

Frank Marshall, the longtime producer of the Jason Bourne films, is shooting down speculation that Matt Damon will return as Bourne in the next installment dated July 15, 2016. Marshall disputed that Universal recently pushed the film's release date back one year to accommodate Damon's return. "It's simply not true," Marshall tells THR, adding that the film will feature the Aaron Cross character played by Jeremy Renner in the 2012 installment, The Bourne Legacy.


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