Behind The Music: (More Cowbell)

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Behind The Music: (More Cowbell)

Behind The Music: (More Cowbell)
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Behind The Music: (More Cowbell)

by Saturday Night Live 5:35 mins

Behind The Music: (More Cowbell)

by Saturday Night Live 5:35 mins

Christopher Walken's "I gotta have more cowbell," is the line everyone remembers from this popular 2000 "SNL" spoof of Blue Oyster Cult on "VH1's Behind the Music." What's less well known is the wardrobe change that helped make it so memorable. Jimmy Fallon, who famously cracks up during the sketch, says the sketch wasn't as funny in dress rehearsal. Then Will Ferrell changed his shirt. Playing an overzealous cowbell player on "Don’t Fear the Reaper," Ferrell's hard-working crop top brought hilarious ridiculousness. "When he lifted the cowbell, his gut came out of the bottom …. He's the funniest man on Earth," Fallon told Larry King. Enjoy the beloved moment and other classics from "Saturday Night Live."

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