Wendy's Employee Caught Guzzling a Frosty

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Wendy's Employee Caught Guzzling a Frosty

Wendy's Employee Caught Guzzling a Frosty
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Wendy's Employee Caught Guzzling a Frosty

by Broken News Daily 2:12 mins

Wendy's Employee Caught Guzzling a Frosty

by Broken News Daily 2:12 mins

Last week we saw a Taco Licker caught in the act. This week, it's a Frosty Guzzler. The disturbing trend of nasty pictures behind the fast food scenes continues with this photo posted on Reddit of a Wendy's employee downing a Frosty straight from the machine. Just like Taco Bell last week, Wendy's has acted promptly and with conviction. Wendy's responded with the following Tweet: "Totally inexcusable. This involved one restaurant and the employee is no longer there. We're reinforcing proper procedures."

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