Stunning Green Flash Atop Sunset 'Pyramid'

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Stunning Green Flash Atop Sunset 'Pyramid'

Stunning Green Flash Atop Sunset 'Pyramid'
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Stunning Green Flash Atop Sunset 'Pyramid'

by Rumble 1:51 mins

Stunning Green Flash Atop Sunset 'Pyramid'

by Rumble 1:51 mins

An absolutely stunning sunset titled 'Solar Cauldron' over Rottnest Island lighthouse, looking through 23km of atmosphere from Cottesloe Beach in Western Australia. Multiple green/blue flashes are visible in the final stages of sunset. Shot with a Celestron C8 2000mm focal length, Canon 5dmkII, Magic Lantern raw video firmware @ 3x crop, 16 fps. From Colin Legg Photography.

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