Extreme Weather: Wind

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Extreme Weather: Wind

Extreme Weather: Wind
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Extreme Weather: Wind

by News Video 4:11 mins

Extreme Weather: Wind

by News Video 4:11 mins

The UK has always suffered from extremely windy conditions. Mark Thompson investigates why this is the case, and whether this is liable to get worse.

Weather Explained

Natural world

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    Lake Of Fire: Drone Footage Of Icelandic Lava River

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    Iceberg shatters, creates huge waves

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    Rare Underwater Volcano Erupts Off The Coast of Tawian

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    Huge Iceberg Flips Over in Newfoundland

  5. 1:10

    Eery video shows 'fog river' rolling off a coast in Iceland

  6. 1:05

    Lake Ice Stacking Near Shore

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