Extreme Weather: Sun

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Extreme Weather: Sun

Extreme Weather: Sun
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Extreme Weather: Sun

by News Video 5:13 mins

Extreme Weather: Sun

by News Video 5:13 mins

As a nation we've always been obsessed with the sun but as this Mark Thompson reveals in this episode, heatwaves can lead to drought and health concerns for the most vulnerable.

Natural world

  1. 0:41

    Huge sandstorm hits northwest China

  2. 0:40

    House sinks into groundwater in China

  3. 2:29

    Sky-watchers Witness Celestial Show Across UK And Europe

  4. 1:11

    Giant Patagonian Seabirds Nest

  5. 0:44

    Timelapse of partial solar eclipse in Plymouth

  6. 1:41

    Why Eclipses Once Caused Fear, Not Excitement

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