Extreme Weather: Sun

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Extreme Weather: Sun

Extreme Weather: Sun
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Weather Explained: Sun

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Extreme Weather: Sun

by News Video 5:13 mins

Extreme Weather: Sun

by News Video 5:13 mins

As a nation we've always been obsessed with the sun but as this Mark Thompson reveals in this episode, heatwaves can lead to drought and health concerns for the most vulnerable.

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    Incredible images from inside the sinkhole

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    What Is A Supermoon Lunar Eclipse? NASA Explains

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    Burning Blue: Indonesia’s Psychedelic Sulphur Volcano

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    Landslide in Dorset - Gone in 6 Seconds!

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    Iceberg shatters, creates huge waves

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    Lake Of Fire: Drone Footage Of Icelandic Lava River

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