Extreme Weather: Rain

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Extreme Weather: Rain

Extreme Weather: Rain
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Extreme Weather: Rain

by News Video 3:29 mins

Extreme Weather: Rain

by News Video 3:29 mins

In recent years England has been hit particularly bad by flooding. So what can we do to predict and cope with extreme rainwater? Mark Thompson investigates.

Weather Explained

Natural world

  1. 1:05

    Lake Ice Stacking Near Shore

  2. 1:38

    Massive Iceberg Flips Over

  3. 0:53

    Glacier Collapses into Ocean

  4. 2:06

    The "spider rain" phenomenon explained

  5. 2:29

    Strange Sounds Return to the Skies of British Columbia

  6. 1:05

    Sakurajima Volcano eruption with shockwave

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