“Weird Al” Yankovic - Handy (Parody of “Fancy”)

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“Weird Al” Yankovic - Handy (Parody of “Fancy”)

“Weird Al” Yankovic - Handy (Parody of “Fancy”)
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“Weird Al” Yankovic - Handy (Parody of “Fancy”)

by Sketchy 3:10 mins

“Weird Al” Yankovic - Handy (Parody of “Fancy”)

by Sketchy 3:10 mins

He’s so handy - everyone says so! “Weird Al” Yankovic shows off his skill set with a tool set in this parody of Iggy Azalea’s “Fancy.” Starring Al Yankovic, Eddie Pepitone, Justin Giddings, Ted Hollis. Director/writer/editor: Yankovic. Producers: Corey Moss, Shane Spiegel, Sam Kirkpatrick. Casting: Chrissy Fiorilli-Ellington. DP: Clyde Smith. Art: Katie Crawford. Wardrobe: Patrick Glendening. HMU: Sean James. Post Prod.: Evan Watkins, Andrew Mallonee. VFX: Chris Shapan, Ebit Breazile, Gloo Studios. A Principato-Young Entertainment/Electus Production.

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