Wednesday 5pm Weather Update

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Wednesday 5pm Weather Update

Wednesday 5pm Weather Update
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Various - New Look Wireless [Day 3]

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Wednesday 5pm Weather Update

by KERO - Bakersfield Videos 3:54 mins

Wednesday 5pm Weather Update

by KERO - Bakersfield Videos 3:54 mins

We topped out in the mid 60s today with light sprinkles and that pattern will continue on Thursday. Late Thursday night rain chances pick up as snow levels drop to 3,500 feet over the Grapevine and Highway 58. Rain totals will be light...less than a 1/4 inch and snow totals will top 1 to 4 inches at pass levels. A foot of new snow is likely above 7,000 feet near China Peak and Yosemite. The weekend turns dry with highs in the upper 60s by Sunday.

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