Washington Governor: Mudslide "total Devastation"

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Washington Governor: Mudslide "total Devastation"

Washington Governor: Mudslide "total Devastation"
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Washington Governor: Mudslide "total Devastation"

by Wochit 0:34 mins

Washington Governor: Mudslide "total Devastation"

by Wochit 0:34 mins

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee described the scene of a deadly mudslide that killed three people as a square mile of "total devastation" after flying over the disaster area Sunday. The governor assured families at a news briefing that every endeavor is being explored to find their loved ones. Authorities said that because of the quicksand-like mud, it was too dangerous to send rescuers into the stricken area. The governor urged residents in nearby communities to remain alert to possible flooding.



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