Teen Pregnancies on the Decline

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Teen Pregnancies on the Decline

Teen Pregnancies on the Decline
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Teen Pregnancies on the Decline

by WSJ Live 2:16 mins

Teen Pregnancies on the Decline

by WSJ Live 2:16 mins

The birthrate among women ages 15-17 has seen a whopping 68% decline since its 1991 peak. What is behind this trend and will it continue to decline? Wellesley College economics professor Phillip Levine joins the News Hub to break down the numbers. The MTV show "16 and Pregnant," has had a major influence, his research determines, directly leading to a 5.8% drop. The show takes an unflinching look at what a young girl can expect, especially in conflicts with family, friends, and perhaps most importantly, the boyfriend, Levine explains. Photo: Getty Images.

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