Vogue Diaries - MØ Performs "Pilgrim"

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Vogue Diaries - MØ Performs "Pilgrim"

Vogue Diaries - MØ Performs "Pilgrim"
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Vogue Diaries - MØ Performs "Pilgrim"

by Vogue 4:32 mins

Vogue Diaries - MØ Performs "Pilgrim"

by Vogue 4:32 mins

Inviting an artist known for a larger-than-life stage presence and erratic-nearing-on-spastic (in a good way) dance moves to play a stripped-down set in a confined space is a recipe for disaster. And yet, Danish singer Karen Marie Ørsted, better known simply as MØ (pronounced "moo"), manages to translate the explosive energy of her band's live show to this exclusive performance of her song “Pilgrim,” filmed and recorded in the living room of Vogue.com music writer Jacob Brown.

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