Vitaminwater Fans Upset Over New Sweetener

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Vitaminwater Fans Upset Over New Sweetener

Vitaminwater Fans Upset Over New Sweetener
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Vitaminwater Fans Upset Over New Sweetener

by Wochit 0:41 mins

Vitaminwater Fans Upset Over New Sweetener

by Wochit 0:41 mins

Fans of Vitaminwater are demanding that parent company Coca-Cola drop a new formula that uses stevia, a low-calorie sweetener known for its metallic aftertaste. Coca-Cola changed the formula for its full-calorie Vitaminwater in May, and the new bottles have been hitting shelves nationwide ever since. Previously, the drinks were sweetened with a mix of crystalline fructose and sugar. The change has prompted fans of the drink to inundate Vitaminwater's Facebook page with complaints about the taste, and demands that the company bring back the old formula.


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