Shijaiyah Destroyed in Israeli Attack on Gaza

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Shijaiyah Destroyed in Israeli Attack on Gaza

Shijaiyah Destroyed in Israeli Attack on Gaza
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Shijaiyah Destroyed in Israeli Attack on Gaza

by Storyful 4:07 mins

Shijaiyah Destroyed in Israeli Attack on Gaza

by Storyful 4:07 mins

An estimated 70 people were killed in Gaza as Israel scaled up its offensive against Hamas on July 20, the highest death toll in a single day since the conflict began two weeks ago. Civilians bore the brunt of the attacks as the neighbourhood of Shijaiyah was targeted. President of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas, described the attack as a massacre.Israel says Shijaiyah, a densely packed residential area, is a Hamas stronghold and that residents were advised to vacate the area. Doctors say staff at the nearby Al Shifa hospital, already suffering a shortage of supplies, were overwhelmed by casualties. US President Barack Obama called Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday to express concern at the rising death toll. According to Israel, 13 soldiers died in fighting on Sunday. On Sunday evening, Hamas claimed that an Israeli soldier was taken hostage, however these reports have yet to be confirmed. Credit: Facebook/Bashar Taleb

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