Seagulls Casually Avoid Looming Jet

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Seagulls Casually Avoid Looming Jet

Seagulls Casually Avoid Looming Jet
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Seagulls Casually Avoid Looming Jet

by Storyful 1:57 mins

Seagulls Casually Avoid Looming Jet

by Storyful 1:57 mins

Miguel Ángel Ramírez is an avid plane watcher, and he caught this footage of a Qatar Airways Airbus a330-200 landing at Barcelona airport, despite the presence of some very nonchalant seagulls. The birds are relaxing on the runway, and pay no attention to the huge Airbus coming their way. Eventually they do move along, but not until they’re good and ready. Credit: YouTube/Barcelona-El Prat In’tl

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