Vows | Grandma’s a Bridesmaid

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Vows | Grandma’s a Bridesmaid

Vows | Grandma’s a Bridesmaid
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Vows | Grandma’s a Bridesmaid

by New York Times 3:40 mins

Vows | Grandma’s a Bridesmaid

by New York Times 3:40 mins

In the past, grandmothers received little more recognition on a grandchild’s wedding day than an escort down the aisle, a corsage and a front-row seat. But for some couples, that is not enough; they are asking their grandmothers to be their attendants. These three spunky grandmothers stole the show as bridesmaids in their granddaughters’ weddings. "It was the greatest honor of my life," says Dorothy Shapiro.

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