Giant Monster Statue Shocks Residents

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Giant Monster Statue Shocks Residents

Giant Monster Statue Shocks Residents
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Giant Monster Statue Shocks Residents

by Broken News Daily 1:57 mins

Giant Monster Statue Shocks Residents

by Broken News Daily 1:57 mins

People in Bournemouth, England were shocked when they awoke to see a giant monster emerging from the sea. And what’s even weirder is that the sea monster looks like billionaire Richard Branson. Well, actually, it’s not that weird. Virgin media erected the Bransonzilla statue overnight in a PR stunt to advertise their new “Big Kahuna” TV-Internet-Phone bundle. Though knowing that the statue was really an advertisement is a little disappointing, it doesn’t make it any less impressive. The 25-foot, 13,000-pound Richard Branson Godzilla took a team of sculptors over 500 hours to build. Let's check it out, along with some other sea "creatures" like giant rubber duckies and eco-friendly underwater statues. Join us...

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