Adorable Baby Elephant Loves Cuddling!

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Adorable Baby Elephant Loves Cuddling!

Adorable Baby Elephant Loves Cuddling!
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Adorable Baby Elephant Loves Cuddling!

by Rumble 1:02 mins

Adorable Baby Elephant Loves Cuddling!

by Rumble 1:02 mins

When Vivian and Arthur traveled to Thailand from Toronto, Canada, they got to experience an incredible day at the Patara Elephant Farm, a farm which focus' solely on the health-care and breeding management for these endangered species, and also aid the recovery process for elephants injured by mine bombs. It was at the end of their day which they had the unique opportunity to play with a two-month-old female calf named Tara. As soon as she heard Arthur calling her, she ran over and cuddled with him non-stop!

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