900-Year-Old Viking Code Says "Kiss Me"

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900-Year-Old Viking Code Says "Kiss Me"

900-Year-Old Viking Code Says "Kiss Me"
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900-Year-Old Viking Code Says "Kiss Me"

by Broken News Daily 2:06 mins

900-Year-Old Viking Code Says "Kiss Me"

by Broken News Daily 2:06 mins

A scholar in Norway has cracked a 900-year-old Viking code, and it turns out the Vikings were into graffiti. Jonas Nordby, a PhD student studying Runes at the University of Oslo, cracked the famed jötunvillur code. A secret Viking code that can be found on over 80 Norse inscriptions. Unfortunately, cracking the code didn't unlock any ancient Viking secrets, because it turns out the code was used for trivial messages, bragging, and writing their names on stuff. Basically, the Vikings were like a high school football team that conquered countries.

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