Under attack lawyer still defiant

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Under attack lawyer still defiant

Under attack lawyer still defiant
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Under attack lawyer still defiant

by TIMES NOW 3:22 mins

Under attack lawyer still defiant

by TIMES NOW 3:22 mins

He calls the crime that shamed humanity a political murder, AP Singh, Defence Lawyer said, "If she was not well, there would have been no accounts. If there were accounts, she could have recovered. The doctors did not cure her. This means that she was murdered with the political intent to add 302 and 396," and questions the verdict that the entire nation has been demanding in one voice. Singh said, "After the death sentence awarded in the Damini gangrape case, if no rape cases are reported in Delhi in the next month and a half then I will not challenge the decision in the High Court." The man who defended Nirbhaya's rapists has taken his defeat to a different level with this controversial outburst. Singh said, "Judge sentenced all the 4 accused to death without sufficient evidence, only on account of political pressure. They did not examine the testimony, evidence, circumstances but sentenced all the 4 accused to death." Singh's shocking comments on India's most watched verdict has ruffled quite a few feathers. Neelam Katara, Social Activist said, "He cannot say that the judge made his decision under the influence of the media because that tantamount to contempt of court." But when TIMES NOW confronted the man in the eye of the storm, the defence lawyer defiantly stuck to his stand courting a fresh controversy. Singh said, "If my sister or my daughter, before marriage, without my permission do not have the will power to stay within their limits then I have the strength to take them to the farmhouse and burn them alive." But the Delhi Bar Council has already taken note and is likely to take a decision soon on the disciplinary action against Singh. Is this now a last ditch attempt of the defence counsel to save the brutes who gangraped, mutilated and killed 23 year old Nirbhaya.

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