U.S. Defeats Russia In Shootout

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U.S. Defeats Russia In Shootout

U.S. Defeats Russia In Shootout
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U.S. Defeats Russia In Shootout

by Wochit 0:39 mins

U.S. Defeats Russia In Shootout

by Wochit 0:39 mins

Thirty-four years after The Miracle on Ice, the Russian Olympic hockey team hosted the Americans in the preliminary round of the Sochi Olympics. Despite the absence of true geopolitical intrigue this time, and even though many of these players mix socially and professionally in the National Hockey League, the latest meeting delivered its own dramatic ending. After the teams were tied, 2-2, at the end of regulation and overtime, T.J. Oshie scored four times over eight rounds of a shootout and the United States won, 3-2.



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