Tuesday Was Tattoo Day for Miley Cyrus

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Tuesday Was Tattoo Day for Miley Cyrus

Tuesday Was Tattoo Day for Miley Cyrus
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Tuesday Was Tattoo Day for Miley Cyrus

by The Insider 1:17 mins

Tuesday Was Tattoo Day for Miley Cyrus

by The Insider 1:17 mins

Miley Cyrus is famous for twerking, wagging her tongue, and getting tattoos, so it should come as no surprise that she spent her Tuesday adding to her expansive collection of body art. The 21-year-old went to New York City-based tattoo artist Bang Bang for her new ink and opted for a crescent moon tattoo on her inner arm. Then Bang Bang allowed the tables to turn and had the "Wrecking Ball" singer mark him with a matching moon on his thumb.


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