Traveling Tips For World Cup Pilgrims

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Traveling Tips For World Cup Pilgrims

Traveling Tips For World Cup Pilgrims
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Traveling Tips For World Cup Pilgrims

by Wochit 0:42 mins

Traveling Tips For World Cup Pilgrims

by Wochit 0:42 mins

The biggest event in the world for soccer fans is only days away. About 600,000 international travelers will head to the 12 host cities across Brazil for the World Cup from June 12 to July 13, 2014. That's in addition to more than 3 million Brazilians who will be attending the games. If you are one of the lucky travelers headed to Brazil, here are a few suggestions for making sure your trip is great: Have your documents in order, share your itinerary with family or a friend, track your budget and learn key phrases in Portuguese.


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