Toyota Gets Aggressive With New Prius Recall

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Toyota Gets Aggressive With New Prius Recall

Toyota Gets Aggressive With New Prius Recall
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Toyota Gets Aggressive With New Prius Recall

by Wochit 0:51 mins

Toyota Gets Aggressive With New Prius Recall

by Wochit 0:51 mins

In 2009, a few Toyota customers began to complain about vehicles that would accelerate to dangerous speeds on their own, including the family of four people who died in the crash of a Lexus sedan. Toyota insisted nothing was wrong with its vehicles, but was ultimately forced to recall more than 7 million vehicles after Toyota did acknowledge a problem with “sticky” gas pedals and floor mats that could jam the accelerator. The whole embarrassing episode may have cost the company $5 billion or more. Now, Toyota is recalling 1.9 million Priuses, including every version of the current-generation Prius, first introduced in 2009. Toyota says a software glitch could interfere with the gas-hybrid system and cause it to malfunction or even shut down.


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