Tough Tabatha On Being Bullied As A Child

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Tough Tabatha On Being Bullied As A Child

Tough Tabatha On Being Bullied As A Child
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Tough Tabatha On Being Bullied As A Child

by Daily Shot 3:54 mins

Tough Tabatha On Being Bullied As A Child

by Daily Shot 3:54 mins

The host of “Tabatha Takes Over” talks to Ali about how she was bullied as a child. You know her as the no-nonsense hairstylist who turned struggling salons around on her Bravo show “Tabatha’s Salon Takeover” and now helps all types of businesses on, “Tabatha Takes Over.” She tells Ali, “I would love to take the DMV over, and the airport would be next on my list.” But Tabatha wasn’t born the tough-love business guru she is today. “I was really obese as a child,” she tells Ali. “And we would go swimming during the summer which was mortifying because…the bathing suit, and all the kids would call me ‘orca.’” Anyone whose seen Tabatha knows she’s far from obese these days. So what changed? Tabatha talks about that and her parents' unusual business in the full episode.

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