Three simple weight-loss tips

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Three simple weight-loss tips

Three simple weight-loss tips
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Three simple weight-loss tips

by Reluctantly Healthy 3:30 mins

Three simple weight-loss tips

by Reluctantly Healthy 3:30 mins

Host Judy Greer's health coach, Carey Peters, shares three easy tips for losing weight, beginning with getting your thyroid checked. Many aren't aware of thyroid issues, Carey explains, but it can be a major obstacle to dieters. Unfortunately, it's a tricky thing for doctors to diagnose so Carey advises getting a basal thermometer and checking your temp the first thing in the morning for five days. If your basal temp is below 97.0 degrees for three days or more, you want it treated. Her second tip is "emotional." If your job, or relationships, are "weighing you down," it has a physical effect. Her third tip is called "the 20-minute rule" for mealtimes, which can lead to weight loss without changing what you eat. Watch for more.

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