Tempers run high over proposed Keystone XL pipeline

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Tempers run high over proposed Keystone XL pipeline

Tempers run high over proposed Keystone XL pipeline
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Tempers run high over proposed Keystone XL pipeline

by AFP Videos 2:22 mins

Tempers run high over proposed Keystone XL pipeline

by AFP Videos 2:22 mins

SCRIPT : Abbi Kleinschmidt enjoys doing the rounds on her farm. For five generations, her family has worked the land here... land that she says could lose value if the planned Keystone XL oil pipeline crosses through it. SOUNDBITE 1 Abbi Kleinschmidt (woman), Farmer (English, 16 sec) "With the pipeline being sometimes, they say, around 100 degrees - it's a really high pressure hot pipeline - I can imagine things not growing there, that it'd be too warm for the roots" Farmers, environmentalists and representatives of Indian tribes are all concerned about possible oil spills from the pipeline, which will carry crude oil down from Canada to the American Gulf Coast for refining. According to TransCanada, the company behind the project, such worries are misplaced, thanks to unprecedented safety measures. SOUNDBITE 2 Vern Meier (man), VP Pipeline Safety, TransCanada (English, 19 sec) "These programs include things like routine aerial surveillance of the right of way, every two weeks for Keystone, scheduled inspections, testing of above ground facilities and equipment, periodic in-line inspections of the pipeline and frequent testing of the systems that prevent corrosion from occurring" TransCanada also says the pipeline will employ thousands of construction workers. But the promise of temporary jobs isn’t enough to change the minds of opponents. Campaigners are now demanding that the Obama administration vetoes the pipeline. For some protesters, the final insult is that the company that could be given the right to expropriate their land isn’t even America... but Canadian. SOUNDBITE 3 Jane Kleeb (woman), Director, Bold Nebraska (English, 9 sec) "It's bad enough that tar sands is a dirty product not good for our water and the climate, it makes matter so much worse when you have a foreign corporation who's threatening eminent domain on folks" Abbi and her family are keen Democrats, but they fear being let down by President Obama. They want to see more investment in renewable energy rather than oil. SOUNDBITE 4 Rick Hammond (man), Farmer (anglais, 10 sec) : "Our leaders have done a terrible job of preparing us for the next generation of energy. We will get off of oil, and why not sooner rather than later?" If Barack Obama does decide to give the pipeline the go-ahead, opponents are unlikely to back down quietly. Some have already promised to chain themselves to the bulldozers that will try to build Keystone XL across their land. ---------------------- SHOTLIST: BENEDICT, NEBRASKA, 16 APRIL, 2013, SOURCE: AFPTV -PAN of chicken to Abbi Kleinschmidt -MID of Abbi walking -CU of Abbi's feet while walking -CU of sign reading 'Keep Our Water Blue' -SOUNDBITE 1 -WIDE of farmland with watering machine -WIDE of signs -MID of sign reading "Good neighbours mend fences, they don't dig trenches. Stop Keystone XL." -CU of sign GRAND ISLAND, NEBRASKA, 18 APRIL, 2013, SOURCE: AFPTV -WIDE of Vern Meier at podium -CU of TransCanada logo -SOUNDBITE 2 -MID of flag on podium -MID of audeince members -CU of papers being read by audience member BENEDICT, NEBRASKA, 16 APRIL, 2013, SOURCE: AFPTV -CU of drum being beaten -MID of protesters around drum -CU of arm-band reading "pipeline fighter" -WIDE of stage at meeting -MID of woman in American Indian dress -MID of sign reading "Stop the TransCanada pipeline" -SOUNDBITE 3 BENEDICT, NEBRASKA, 16 APRIL, 2013, SOURCE: AFPTV -PAN from Abbi Kleinschmidt's niece to Abbi saying "Obama, we don't want no climate drama!" -MID of family members with cattle -MID of Rick Hammond with cattle -SOUNDBITE 4 -WIDE of singer at protest -CU of faces of protesters FULLERTON, NEBRASKA, 17 APRIL, 2013, SOURCE: AFPTV -VAR of protest against the Keystone XL pipeline

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