TCGS #61 - The Ultimate Public Access Party

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TCGS #61 - The Ultimate Public Access Party

TCGS #61 - The Ultimate Public Access Party
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TCGS #61 - The Ultimate Public Access Party

by The Chris Gethard Show 1:00:21 mins

TCGS #61 - The Ultimate Public Access Party

by The Chris Gethard Show 1:00:21 mins

When Andrew W.K. comes to the show, we attempt to throw the most unforgettable party possible within with guidelines of public access television rules. No food, no drink, no alcohol, no copyrighted music, no nudity-- you name it. That said, with the odds against us, we pull off one of the most fun episodes in TCGS history. Not to mention we Kitty Pryde in studio to bring us music befitting a bizarrely awesome party. ITS TIME TO PARTY. CHIMP vs. PIG!

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