TCGS #30 - The Night of Zero Laughs III

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TCGS #30 - The Night of Zero Laughs III

TCGS #30 - The Night of Zero Laughs III
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TCGS #30 - The Night of Zero Laughs III

by The Chris Gethard Show 58:52 mins

TCGS #30 - The Night of Zero Laughs III

by The Chris Gethard Show 58:52 mins

You make us laugh, you make us leave. The Night of Zero Laughs is infamous in the Chris Gethard Show universe as being a dangerous concept. Attempted twice live on stage at the UCB Theatre, many people consider the Night of Zero Laughs I and II to be the worst shows they ever attended. That said, in true TCGS fashion we decided to attempt it a third time. The rules are simple. If you laugh, you must leave the show. This time we have a panel jammed with TCGS regulars and also some heaving hitting special guests including: Grizz Chapman from 30Rock, SNL's Bobby Moynihan, Hot 97s Cipha Sounds, and CollegeHumor's Patrick Cassels. See who makes it to the end and try to play along at home if you think you have what it takes.

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