Swiss watchmakers eye Chinese market

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Swiss watchmakers eye Chinese market

Swiss watchmakers eye Chinese market
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Swiss watchmakers eye Chinese market

by AFP Videos 1:43 mins

Swiss watchmakers eye Chinese market

by AFP Videos 1:43 mins

SCRIPT A touch of Switzerland, in Beijing. The Swiss made watch is a sign of quality and class, and with sales up nearly 8 percent in China, it's one many shoppers in Beijing are developing a taste for- SOUNDBITE 1 - Mr Wu (man), businessman, (Mandarin, 16 sec): "The Swiss are world renowned for making these (watches). Everyone likes it. It's like French delicacies, everyone likes them. It's not to say other countries' food is any worse. We just appreciate a country's specialty." With Europe mired in a seemingly endless economic crisis, watchmakers like Hublot are tweaking their designs to suit the Asian market. SOUNDBITE 2: Jean-Claude Biver, Hublot President (French, man, 21 seconds) "We have made some special watches for the Chinese market because there are Chinese tastes to cater for. There are colours and symbols, for example there is the number 8, the colour green and jade. So we are adapting to say "hello" to the Chinese. And to say that we are doing something especially for them (you)." However, there is no standard design as Chinese tastes and trends appear to fluctuate (- ) But over at Blancpain, the importance of brand identity is the one thing that's never compromised (key.) SOUNDBITE 3: Marc Hayek, Blancpain CEO & President (French, man, 26 seconds) "Of course we keep an eye on what is popular…..but for me the brand has to be 100 per cent in the DNA of the make. That's why I was a little cold to the demand from our (out) preople in China that "a chinese calender would be interesting". Despite the economic crisis slowing exports to the East, Swiss watchmakers are confident that demand for their creations will continue. However they may need to guard against becoming a victim of their own success- Chinese brand FIYTA are set to buy up Montres Chouriet-a Swiss watch maker. SHOTLIST: VARIOUS DATES & LOCATIONS (Source: AFPTV) WANGFUJING, BEIJING, CHINA, OCTOBER 17, 2012 - VAR Chinese customers looking and Swiss watch shops SOUNDBITE 1 PAUDEX, NYON, SWITZERLAND, OCTOBER 23, 2012 - VAR manufacture of Hublot watches - VAR Hublot watches SOUNDBITE 2 - VAR Blancpain watches SOUNDBITE 3 - VAR manufacture of Hublot watches

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