Playful Beluga Whale Teases Kids

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Playful Beluga Whale Teases Kids

Playful Beluga Whale Teases Kids
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Playful Beluga Whale Teases Kids

by Storyful 1:36 mins

Playful Beluga Whale Teases Kids

by Storyful 1:36 mins

A trip to the aquarium is usually a chance for children to watch sea animals go about their own business, oblivious to outside observers. In this video, a beluga whale turns the tables as it teases two startled kids, pressing its mouth against the glass panel dividing them.Watch their brilliant reaction as the mischievous mammal then turns his back on the pair, pretending to have forgotten about them, only to turn around and startle them again and again. Credit: YouTube/MichelleCotton

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