Netanyahu Tells Gazans: "Hamas Wants You to Die"

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Netanyahu Tells Gazans: "Hamas Wants You to Die"

Netanyahu Tells Gazans: "Hamas Wants You to Die"
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Netanyahu Tells Gazans: "Hamas Wants You to Die"

by Storyful 0:19 mins

Netanyahu Tells Gazans: "Hamas Wants You to Die"

by Storyful 0:19 mins

The Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu delivered a message to the people of Gaza on July 20 during an interview with BBC Arabic, asking them to leave their homes. He said that Hamas “don’t care about you but we want you to be safe”.The Palestinian ministry of health as claimed some 6O people were killed, including children, in overnight shelling of Shojae’ya, a neighbourhood east of Gaza. It also said 425 Gazans have been killed since Operation Protective Edge began. Credit: YouTube/IsraeliPM

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